Become Authorized Retailer

Here are some informations about our brand «Les perles par Puca® - Paris» and our logo «authorized retailer»


1) «Les perles par Puca® - Paris» is a registered brand.

Please, use the real name of our beads, Khéops® par Puca®, Arcos® par Puca®, Minos® par Puca®, Ios® par Puca®, Super-Khéops® par Puca®, Tinos® par puca®,  Amos® par Puca®, Cabochons par Puca®, Paros® par Puca®,  Kos® par Puca®, Samos® par Puca®, Télos® par Puca®, Hélios® par Puca®, Piros® par Puca®, Athos® par Puca®, Delos® par Puca®, Kalos® par Puca®, Baros® par Puca®, Konos® par Puca® each time you speak about them, and don't forget the ® (alt0174), it's important.


2) Why becoming Authorized retailer?

You are a privilegied customer and this statut offers you many advantages :

  • we send you all necessary documents to sell our beads : color charts, pictures of each bead you can use into your website, free patterns (more than 170 at this day), many pictures of Puca's jewels.

    We don't launch our beads and wait for you to sell them….we help you to create your success, we reserve this help to our authorized retailers

  • You are the first to know before others our new products, new colours, new beads
  • You are the first to know and to have free patterns that can help your customers to create and play with Les perles par Puca®. You can put them in free download directly on your shop. (more than 80 free patterns are available)
  • We can make free advertising on facebook if you wish. 
  • You are included in our promotional campains or actions like contests that we use to organize. We always share our authorized retailers like our privilegied retailers for contests.
  • You have our support if you want to create an event with our beads : contests, workshops, kits…
    Don't hesitate to ask and purpose us your ideas!
    You can send us your advertisings, we'll share them on Facebook
  • Free postage and no custom duties, fast delivery


3) How becoming authorized retailer?

  • You just have to create a special category in your webshop "Les perles par Puca® - Paris" and a link to the free patterns we'll send you
  • We suggest you to put our logo Authorized retailer in your home page, and a banner (we can make you one for free)
  • You can use all our pictures