Free patterns from Puca®

Free patterns from Puca®

Retailers, you can have all the patterns offered by Puca® when you order!

You can use them to create kits and for your workshops!


Jewelers, you'll find all these free patterns in your authorized retailers'shop!


Here are Puca®'s shop

Ova Tilly Gasby_Puca

Collier_Talie_-_Puca Louna_-_Puca Love_You_-_Puca

pauline ysaline_bague Collier_Pepa_-_Puca

Adele barbara ysaline_collier

Heloise Holly Ho

Taylor Tinaya Hallie

Zelie Talia Tamiko

Ilona Inaya Isadora

Amitie Idyle Ilena

Maiya Laly Amies

Janet Star Tess

Bianca Lady_Green Madison

Sati basile Dragonfly

Suzie Soraya Slow

Pia_Puca Lise Sasha

Megane Siane Coffee_puca_2

Abi Amelie Bola

Cilaos Forever Mafate

Puca_-_St_Valentin Puca_-_Copines charms_amos

amour connie ida

coeur Lou_Black_Diamond_bo_2 Teline_Sapphire_2

Alix_Jet_1 Friendship_necklace_2 Laurence_22

Filaos_Pastel_Olivine_-_Pastel_Petrol_-_Light_Gold_Mat_2 Friendship_bracelet_2 Chrys

camilla Marlene Muse 

Calines Celine Cory 

Clara Cleopatre_par_Puca_1 Element_Mina 

Mino Eley Jenny

Joana1 Julia June