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Les perles par Puca® - Paris

Francois Parent Company is the creator and exclusive distributor of the range of beads designs by Puca®,

"Les perles par Puca® - Paris"

We only distribute our beads by the intermediary of

authorized retailers (ask for conditions)


Symbols of "Elégance française" and "Chic parisien", Khéops®, Arcos®, Minos® , Ios®, Super-KhéopS®, Tinos®, Amos®, Cabochons, Paros®,Kos®,Samos®, Ilos®, Hélios®, Télos®,  Piros®, Athos®, Delos®, Kalos® par Puca® will help you to add a "French Touch" to your creations!

All the beads in the Les Perles Par Puca® range are inter-connectable, allowing you to create elegant designs which seamlessly blend and harmonise.

Discover a new world of creation!

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